The Blog by Choccor .Written by Courtney Foreman

There is a saying that I like...

" Wherever you go in life, leave it a better place than when you found it." 

I know that every day is not perfect, but I can motivate myself  every day to learn,  grow and inspire.

It is my greatest wish that we all live with purpose and passion as I do. With each other, possibilities are endless and life is one sweet journey. 


April 6, 2024

Let me virtually hug you and comfort you with some positive words of encouragement.

You must focus on your desires more than your doubts. And with the help of your spirit  your dreams will take care of themselves and by trusting in the process. The universe hears our voice and with your determination and desire will lead the way, to a positive outcome.   .


Lets start today to be absolute in believing, be willing inclined or favorable by setting your mind ,with no compromise until you have fulfilled your desire.                 



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